Spring Refresher ~ Kundalini Yoga & Gong Bath
Scheduled: May 20, 2018, 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM
Rejuvenate the nervous system as we fully embrace the Spring season and welcome change. Take this opportunity to experience a Kundalini Yoga class with the added bonus of sound immersion. After our Kriya (yogic set of exercises) you have the option to either lay out or sit in meditation for a 62 minute Gong bath.
In the practice of Kundalini Yoga we use many techniques to break through to the human psyche: asana (posture), pranayama (breath work), mantra (sacred sound current -non denominational of course) & a variety of meditations techniques. Kundalini is truly ALL in the experience. So come open and ready to embrace every moment. 
The gong is said to be the only sound current that can break through the subconscious and purify the mind. It affects the mental, emotional & subtle elements of our human mechanism. It is a very powerful tool that has the ability to cut through the clutter of uncontrolled thought patterns. It allows you access your most elementary personality and has the capacity to shine a light on your radiance & authenticity. 
The gong is for healing on all levels and each individual will have a very unique experience. Harijiwan, a Senior Kundalini Teacher, says this about the gong: " The universe is powered by sound. The gong is the basic creative sound. Out of the gong comes all music, all sounds, all words. The sound of the gong is the nucleus of the Word. The mind was created out of this sound: it is like the father and mother together. The gong is the first and last instrument for the human mind. It is the one thing that supersedes the mind. The mind has no power before the gong. It takes three to ninety seconds for the sound of the gong to overtake the mind. Then we are free of the conditioned habitual pattern of the perceptual filters of our magnetic field. We have expanded beyond the frequency of our mental imprints. We now have the opportunity to experience new realms of our own psyche, new energetic aspects of our own being, new dimensions of ourselves. We have the choice to explore, to create. This is the true flexibility of yoga---the beginning of the union of the finite within the infinite."
Join Ong Kar Dev aka Jenn for an evening of Yoga sound therapy. Sat Nam 
Homemade Yogi tea &  treats will be served ️ 
Traditional Kundalini apparel (all white with head covering) welcomed, but not required.

$30 per person (member rate)

$35 per person (non member rate)

Saturday, May 12, 2018 at 6pm - 8 pm  Buti Yoga Glow Event!!

Buti Yoga is a calorie scorching fusion of cardio-intense dance, plyometrics, & power yoga, all done to a bass bumping playlist of hip hop, EDM, and R&B.  

Decorate your body with our special blacklight glow paint, getting as creative and colorful as you wish!  Then, head under the backlights and glow while having the most fun ever, while getting a serious workout!  

Don't forget to get some pics of your body art while in your favorite yoga pose!

Soleil Power Yoga

For those who like it HOT!