​​​​Meet the Team

Our teachers offer a wide variety of class types and teaching styles.  No matter what type of class you are interested in,we have something for you!  Our teachers are an amazing group of people who care about every student and want to create the best atmosphere possible.

Lisa Burner RYT 200

Lisa is very bubbly and loves to make fun playlists to match the class with her personality!

Holly MacDougall RYT 500

My passion for yoga lies in a challenging and fun flow of yoga to create balance and strength in the poses! My goal as a teacher is to challenge all yogis beyond their fears to believe and feel the power of their practice.

​​​​Erin  Nichols RYT 200

Erin teaches two different types of yoga classes at Soleil.  The first is power yoga.  In my power Vinyasa classes, I emphasize proper technique and alignment, as well as cueing the breath for each movement.  
For my Buti yoga class, I encourage the practitioners to get out of their heads and into their bodies as I lead them through a fun,  fast -paced, calorie scorching practice,  which will have them eager for their next Buti class.  It's so much fun!

Allison Quinlan E-RYT 200

Allison is also certified personal trainer as well as a certified group fitness instructor. Allison knew she needed yoga in her life to enjoy an active lifestyle. While enjoying the physical benefits of yoga, she discovered it was the emotional and spiritual part of her practice that left her feeling grounded and balanced. As a teacher her mission is to guide a class for all levels from beginner to advanced knowing that everyone needs balance, peace and health in their lives.

Julianna Gomez RYT 200

 Influenced by Swami Satyananda Sarawati, my family, the environmental and my travels, I bring a unique sense of empowerment to my classes. Through meditation, pranayama, asanas and establishing a unique intent for every class, my goal is to have students leave each class feeling relaxed, happy and full of energy.  I teach in a way that provokes thought and inspires students to find meaning in their yoga.

 I began practicing yoga in 2008 and have my RYT 200-hour Yoga Instructor certificate from the well-recognized ashram, Rishikesh Yogpeeth school in Rishikesh, India.  I have taught in India, New York, Seacoast and Colombia. 

Rachael Cacciatore RYT 200

Rachael began practicing yoga at Boston Power yoga in 2008 and became hooked on the physical and spiritual strength of yoga that has transformed her life. She became RYT 200 certified in 2016. She loves to keep her yogis moving on their mats in a challenging practice that focuses on breath.

Soleil Power Yoga

For those who like it HOT!